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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Thi Thuy Minh Vu Vu, Thi Thuy Minh Head Engineer algae, copepod, field trip, laboratory analysis
Vujic-Pavicevic, Ivana Adviser +47 22858657
Picture of Sverre Storm Astrup Wang Wang, Sverre Storm Astrup Adviser +47 22857269
Picture of Tatiana Barros Ortiz Wechsler Wechsler, Tatiana Barros Ortiz Senior Executive Officer +47 22855821
Picture of Linda Therese Sørensen Westgaard Westgaard, Linda Therese Sørensen Adviser +47 22856304
Picture of Martin Wiesmann Wiesmann, Martin Senior Engineer +47 22857087 Solar Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Beate Wiker Wiker, Beate Senior Adviser +47 22854443 Finance, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics
Picture of Jon Wikne Wikne, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22856153 +47-22855076 +47-92285776 ALICE, Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, Electronics, IT support for research, Measurement and control systems
Wohlmann, Jens Head Engineer electron microscopy, Cell biology, Zebrafish, Phytoplankton, Intracellulær transport
Picture of Anders Wold-Dobbe Wold-Dobbe, Anders Higher Executive Officer +47 22856560
Picture of Kristine Wold-Dobbe Wold-Dobbe, Kristine Senior Executive Officer +47 22854673 +47 22854673 eBilag, ePhorte
Picture of Nina Kristine Siger Woldene Woldene, Nina Kristine Siger Adviser +47 22857810
Picture of Suthajini Yogarajah Yogarajah, Suthajini Head Engineer +47 22854366
Øien, Nancy Christine Adviser
Picture of Anne Lene Østli Østli, Anne Lene - on leave
Picture of Julie Øybø Øybø, Julie Section Manager +47 22858602 +47 90562109
Aaen-Stockdale, Anne Senior Adviser +47 22855398 +47 22 85 53 98
Aakre, Gina Editor of
Picture of Halvor Aandal Aandal, Halvor Senior Executive Officer Reception, Disputations
Picture of Rein Aasland Aasland, Rein Professor 92425456
Picture of Kristin Aasmundsen Aasmundsen, Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47 22857091 Student administration, Disputation