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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Dariusz  Makulus Makulus, Dariusz Department Engineer - Administrativ staff +47 22844388 +47 91725145
Picture of Thomas Marcussen Marcussen, Thomas Researcher
Picture of Bård Enger Mathiesen Mathiesen, Bård Enger Principal Engineer +47 22854567
Picture of Cecilie Mathiesen Mathiesen, Cecilie Administrative Manager +47 22845982
Picture of Helena Båserud Mathisen Mathisen, Helena Båserud Adviser +47 22855944 mandatory assignments
Picture of Paul Aleksander Maugesten Maugesten, Paul Aleksander Senior Executive Officer +47 22855907
Mellbye, Ann Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47 22854611
Picture of el Houssine Merrachi Merrachi, el Houssine Senior Engineer +47 22857437 Teaching Laboratory
Midttun, Agnes Helene Higher Executive Officer +47 22852464 +47 98083813
Picture of Inge Mikalsen Mikalsen, Inge Principal Engineer +47 22857395 Instrument workshop
Picture of Thea Fossum Moen Moen, Thea Fossum Senior Executive Officer +47 22844226
Picture of Beata Urbanczyk Mohebi Mohebi, Beata Urbanczyk Head Engineer +47 22845671
Picture of Steinar Mortensen Mortensen, Steinar Administrative Manager +47 22856752 +47 95217118
Picture of Henrik Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Henrik Senior Executive Officer +47 22852953
Picture of Espen Murtnes Murtnes, Espen Student Officer 22856407
Picture of Katrine Myra Myra, Katrine Higher Executive Officer +47 22844811
Picture of Mufak Said Naoroz Naoroz, Mufak Said Senior Engineer +47 22856661
Picture of Sara Nettum Nettum, Sara Senior Executive Officer +47 22854061 DEEP
Picture of Stein Stabelfelt Nielsen Nielsen, Stein Stabelfelt
Picture of Hilde Nilsen Nilsen, Hilde Head Engineer +47 22845672
Picture of Pernille Adine Nordby Nordby, Pernille Adine Adviser
Picture of Lise Marie Nygaard Nyberg Nyberg, Lise Marie Nygaard
O'Donnell, Brian Frank Senior Engineer
Picture of Solfrid Odnes Odnes, Solfrid Head of Office +47 22856586
Picture of Wojciech Boguslaw Olejarz Olejarz, Wojciech Boguslaw Head Engineer