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Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN)


A national centre for transdisciplinary biotechnology training, research and innovation.

DNL is a response to the strategic initiative “Digital Life – convergence for innovation” funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). DLN is a virtual center involving research projects all over Norway. In the first funding period (2016–2021) the centre was managed by NTNU, UiB and UiO. In the second funding period, DLN 2.0 (2021–2026), NMBU, OUS, SINTEF and UiT have joined as owner institutions and have become members of the competence hub that manages the centre. 

Representatives from UiO in the competence hub

Employees in the operational management team

  • Senior advisers innovation and industry: Beate Rygg JohnsenAlexandra Patriksson (50 %) and Randi Elisabeth Taxt, employed at The Faculty of Medicine (MN)
  • Senior adviser communications employed at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN). New communications adviser will start 30 November 2021.

Members of the expert task force


The board is chaired by Professor Finn-Eirik Johansen (MN).

Centre for Digital Life Norway Research School

UiO is part of the consortium for the Centre for Digital Life Research School. Hedvig Nordeng, Department of Pharmacy, is UiO's representative on the board.