Studies of Data Science combine mathematics, statistics and informatics and covers the whole Data Science process. This includes defining the scientific goal, obtaining the data, exploring the data, building, fitting and validating models as well as communicating and vizualising the results. 

The University of Oslo offers both specialized studies within Data Science as well as a range of courses applying Data Science methodology to various fields.

Study programs


From the autumn of 2017, there is a specialization towards Statistics and Data Science within the Mathematics with informatics bachelor program. Within this program the first three semesters will contain fundamental topics in mathematics, informatics and statistics while the last three semesters will be more specialised towards Data Science. The program will include both theoretical aspects and demonstrations of the methodologies in many real cases. 

NEW!! From the autumn of 2018 there will be a master program in Data Science. This program will be for students with a solid background in mathematics, informatics and statistics. The program will focus on both the width and depth of various subjects. The master program has the following specializations:

  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Database Integration and Semantic Web
  • Data Science and Life Science

In addition to these specialized Data Science programs, Data science related courses are offered within many other programs. Some relevant courses are seen on the right panel.


Data Science courses

The list below has a focus here on courses containing machine learning. In addition there will be many courses within statistics, data base management, bioinformatics, language processing, robotics that are related to Data Science issues. See the lists of courses within the Department of mathematics and Department of Informatics for further details.