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Innovation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The University of Oslo is ranked the most innovative university in Norway by Thomson Reuters (2019).

The university is build on four pillars; research, education, dissemination and innovation. There are a large number of innovation initiatives at UiO, especially at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Centre for research-driven innovation

Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) build up and strengthen Norwegian research groups that work in close collaboration with partners from innovative industry and innovative public enterprises. The centres are funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Centre for Digital Life Norway

Centre for Digital Life Norway is a national centre for biotechnology training, research and innovation. The centre is funded by the Research Council of Norway. 

UiO Data Science

UiO Data Science is a community for researchers and users of data science, both for researchers and students at the University of Oslo and for others. It also provides a free counseling service for students and staff at the University, run by the DataScience @ UiO Innovation Cluster in collaboration with BigInsight and SIRIUS.   

The innovation initiative at the Faculty

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has, in collaboration with the rector, allocated 100 million NOK to increase the Faculty's innovation capacity and interaction with business and industry.

The innovation initiative will recruit 30 PhD and Postdoctoral candidates taking on research and innovation projects during 2016-2017. The projects are organized in innovation clusters or as part of the Strategic Research Initiatives. The aim is to support connections between excellent research, innovation and talent development. 

Innovation clusters

Strategic Research Initiatives


The award winning Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship offers students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of entrepreneurship by working as interns within high-tech start-up companies overseas.

Social Entrepreneurship in Practice

Social Entrepreneurship is a course where students learn how to create, organize and finance a social entrepreneurship venture. The course focuses on social entrepreneurship globally, but with a special focus on the circumstances in Norway and the Nordic setting and in South Africa.


This is a two years Master's programme where students learn how to develop necessary entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship

The University of Oslo offer many courses in innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences.

Insj UiO

Insj UiO is a an accelerator for student startups, and a place for students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Start UiO (In Norwegian)

Start UiO is a student organization that facilitates innovation and entrepreneurship among UiO's students, and can give assistance with start ups.

UiO:Life Science

UiO:Life Science is an interdisciplinary strategic area that will strengthen quality and interaction in research; recruit, educate and develop talents; and promote innovation in the life sciences related to environment and health. UiO:Life Science is the largest priority area at UiO.

Innovation at the University of Oslo

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