Digital Life - Computational biotechnology research and innovation

The four research and innovation positions are associated with the Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) – a national centre for biotechnology research and innovation. Through a transdisciplinary approach, the centre’s researchers combine experimental and computational methods. DLN is a virtual centre, managed by a joint leadership network from NTNU, University of Bergen and University of Oslo.

Postdoctoral research fellowship in Drug Synergy Analysis in Precision Hematology

The 4-years postdoctoral project in the group of prof Kjetil Tasken at the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo & NCMM, will establish and develop new tools for personalized cancer medicine through integration of experimental data, statistical analysis, and modelling of cancer signal networks.

Postdoctoral research fellowship in Genomics

The 4-years postdoctoral project in the group prof Kjetill Jakobsen at the Department of biosciences, will develop genome sequencing and analysis, together with industrial technology partners, for usage in aqua culture and marine management.

PhD research fellowship in Biotechnology/Microbiology

The 4-years PhD project in the group of prof Dirk Linke at the Department of Biosciences, focuses on biochemical pathways involved in metal containing bio-nanoparticle (bio-NP) production in bacteria. These bio-NPs have unique catalytic properties, and with a potential for use in industrial applications. Parts of the project will be conducted in innovation-related internships (technology transfer, patenting, industry collaboration).

PhD research fellowship in Mycology/Microbiology

The 4-years PhD project in the group of prof Håvard Kauserud at the Department of Biosciences focuses on the indoor microbiome with the aim to implement genetic analysis for assessment of the indoor environment. This is strongly coupled to the activity of Mycoteam AS, and parts of the project will be spent at the firm Mycoteam to develop commercial aspects.

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