Theory seminar: Chasing SUSY Through Parameter Space

Anders Kvellestad, UiO

Recently a few small (but intriguing) deviations from Standard Model predictions have been identified in the LHC data, one being an excess in the dilepton spectrum in a CMS search for so-called 'kinematic edges' -- a classic signal of physics models with heavy particles decaying through sequential two-body decays. We present an interpretation of this excess in terms of a supersymmetric model with squarks undergoing such sequential decays down to the lightest neutralino, which is a viable candidate for particle dark matter. The good-fit parameter space of the model is presented, along with predictions for squark production at the upcoming 13 TeV LHC run.

Further, using the above analysis as an example, we briefly comment on the main challenges of confronting complex models like Supersymmetry with experimental results, and present an ongoing effort to overcome some of these challenges.

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Published Sep. 29, 2014 8:09 AM