Disputation: Cecilie Skjold Granerød

Siv.ing. Cecilie Skjold Granerød at Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"Measuring optical properties on a nanoscale: a STEM-EELS study of ZnO"

for the degree of PhD

Trial lecture - time and place

November 9, 2018 at 10:15AM in Lille fysiske auditorium (V232), Fysikkbygningen.


Adjudication committee

  • Professor David McComb, Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis, Ohio State University, USA
  • Associate Professor Vicki Keast, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Professor Olav F. Syljuåsen, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway


Chair of defence




Additional information

Press release






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