Disputation: Vincent Thio

Vincent Thio will defend his thesis «Sensor fusion for indoor positioning and navigation systems» for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

portrait of the candidate

The PhD defence and trial lecture will be streamed.  The chair of the defence will moderate the disputation. 

Ex auditorio questions:  the chair of the defence will invite the audience physically present in the auditorium to ask ex auditorio questions.


Time and place: May 13, 2022; 10:15 AM, Lille Fysiske auditorium (V232) - Fysikkbygningen


"Future trends in principles, sensors, and machine learning for indoor positioning"


Main research findings

This thesis presents a multi-sensor indoor positioning system (IPS) for standard smart devices such as smartphones and wearables.
About fifty years ago, the first global navigation satellite system (GNSS) sparked a revolution in outdoor positioning. Decades later, smartphones managed to combine this technology with internet connectivity and a wide range of additional sensors. This opened up a whole new consumer market for outdoor environments, as evidenced by the thousands of location-based apps available today.
Research into indoor positioning aims at expanding these services to GNSS-denied areas by utilizing other sensors on the phone, such as the accelerometer, Bluetooth/WiFi module and microphone. The practical implications are virtually endless, e.g. indoor wayfinding, smart building optimization, crowd control and evacuation assistance. Contrary to GNSS, no global IPS standard exists yet due to the diversity of the problem, including accuracy, privacy, power consumption and cost.
The present work provides an overview of positioning methodologies before focusing on one particular multi-sensor solution. This solution is presented in three parts: 1) pedestrian dead reckoning based on a novel step detection algorithm, 2) a characterization study of an IPS based on ultrasound beacons, and finally 3) a multi-sensor system, which combines the two.


Adjudication Committee

  • Professor Fernando J. Álvarez Franco; Dept. Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation; University of Extremadura; Spain.
  • Associate Professor Nadezda Sokolova; Department of Engineering Cybernetics; Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); Norway
  • Professor Sverre Holm, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway


  • Associate Professor Jan Kenneth Bekkeng, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Associate Professor Kjetil Bergh Ånonsen,Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo, Norway

Chair of defence

  • Head of Department Susanne Friederike Viefers , Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway

Contact information to Department: Line Trosterud Resvold


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