Student scholarships in nonproliferation and disarmament

Center for Accelerator-based Research and Energy Physics, University of Oslo, offers for the spring semester 2012 three or four scholarships in technical nonproliferation and disarmament studies to students from developing countries.

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The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage technical research in the field of nonproliferation and disarmament, in particular in relation to the verification of the dismantlement of nuclear warheads.

The scholarships are offered in cooperation with an on-going Norwegian program on disarmament research, and part of the semester will be spent under the supervision of one of the Norwegian institutions taking part in this program for the completion of a topical paper:

  • Institute for Energy Technology
  • Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
  • Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

There are no formal requirements for being considered for the scholarship. The main requirement is a relevant technical background, capabilities and interest for nonproliferation and disarmament.

Candidates should be enrolled in a university study in the home country or abroad, and

a) working on a project on master and doctorate level, or

b) about to finish bachelor level or starting his or her master studies, in physics or another relevant technical discipline.

The candidate must be ready for completing at least one course offered at the Center for Accelerator-based Research and Energy Physics as part of their stay in Norway (chemistry/ physics/ computational physics), including a topical report on related issues as referred to above.

The research stay will also include participation in a simulation course hosted in Norway together with King’s College, London, which also includes a week-long simulation exercise in June 2012.

The scholarship for the spring semester shall cover tuition, living expenses and roundtrip travel to Oslo, Norway. Assistance will be provided in order to obtain the necessary visa permits and for travel arrangements.

Application deadline October 20

All applicants will be contacted during the evaluation process. Three letters of recommendation describing the candidate’s scientific background and capabilities should be enclosed with the application.

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