Contact and access

Accessing NORTEM


As a national infrastructure, the NORTEM facilities are available for use by researchers outside the funding consortium. Access is granted after a consideration of the needs of the user and the feasibility of the project. There are three main routes to gain access:

  1. through long term scientific project collaboration with core NORTEM staff members
  2. hiring an operator from UiO or SINTEF
  3. training own staff as a TEM operator

The capacity for training of new operators is limited, and there might be a waiting list to receive training. In all cases, the projects using the infrastructure must pay instrument rent and operator costs according to the current NORTEM rates.

Contact NORTEM

For more information on how to access the NORTEM facilities, please contact:

How to get to NORTEM

The Oslo-node of NORTEM is located in Oslo Science Park, close to Ole-Johan Dahls hus (Department of Informatics) and UiO-MiNaLab, which houses the Oslo node of NorFab.

The easiest way to travel to Oslo Science Park from the city centre is by subway to either the 'Blindern' or 'Forskningsparken' station. Find more information about access at Oslo Science Park's website.

Acknowledging NORTEM

All use of the NORTEM infrastructure should be acknowledged in publications (journal articles, conference presentations etc) by adding the following text or equivalent to the Acknowledgments section:

The Research Council of Norway is acknowledged for support to the NORTEM national infrastructure (project number 197405).

NORTEM staff who have given substantial contributions to a study, for example though acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data, should be offered the opportunity to be listed as co-authors, subject to the relevant national and international guidelines.