Course recognitions

The approved physics courses are outlined below. If you would like to attend courses from other disiplins you need to contact the study administration at Department of physics (e-mail:

Student exchange from University of Oslo to University of Stellenbosch (UofS)

Exchange during autumn-semester in Oslo (2nd semester Stellenbosch) :

  • PHYS342 Electromagnetism and Relativity
  • PHYS344 Computational Physics C (FYS3150)
  • PHYS352 Atomic- and Nuclear Physics
  • PHYS744 Laser spectroscopy
  • PHYS745 Quantum Optics & Laser Technology
  • PHYS747 Molecular Physics
  • PHYS748 Nuclear Reactions & Nuclear Structure (4 ECTS vs. FYS3510)
  • PHYS750 Physics of Radiation Dosimetry / Radiology (3 ECTS vs FYS-KJM4710)
  • PHYS751 Physics of Nuclear Medicine
  • PHYS752 Physics of Radiotherapy (4 ECTS vs. FYS4730)
  • PHYS754 Many-body theory (4 ECTS vs. FYS4530)
  • PHYS755 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Field Theory (4 ECTS vs. FYS4110 & 4 ECTS FYS4170)
  • PHYS757 Entropy and Information

Exchange during spring-semester in Oslo (1st semester Stellenbosch):

  • PHYS314 Statistical Physics A (Introductory Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics) (FYS2160)
  • PHYS334 Quantum Mechanics A (FYS2140)
  • PHYS711 Electromagnetism
  • PHYS712 Lagrangian- and Hamiltonian Mechanics (4 ECTS vs. FYS3120)
  • PHYS713 Solid State Physics (4 ECTS vs. FYS3410)
  • PHYS714 Quantum Mechanics B  (FYS3110)
  • PHYS716 Atomic Physics
  • PHYS718 Radiation Interaction
  • PHYS719 Quantum Mechanics C
  • PHYS721 Statistical Physics B (FYS4130)

Courses taught autumn and spring:

  • PHYS372 Project (Theoretical Physics)
  • PHYS384 Experimental work in Physics (FYS2150)
  • PHYS772 Optics

If a UiO course code is paranthesed behind a course code from UofS this means that a student cannot partake in both courses without there being a subtraction of ECTS due to an overlap in the course work. Also if there is no overlap between courses from UiO and UofS a course code starting with 3 will count as a course on bachelor level, whereas a course starting with 7 will be counted as a course on master level.


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