Get access to network and computers

1. Wifi-access to Internet only

1.1 Existing account on Eduroam

Connect to the Internet from your laptop by logging on to Eduroam as username@your.domain. This will only work if your home institution is member of the Eduroam network.

1.2 Set up a new wifi account

Any UiO employee can grant you guest access to the Eduroam network.


2. Access to desktop computers and UiO services

A UiO username and a corresponding password is required. Even if you already have these, you still need to have your account registered for use at the Physics Department.

  Send info to (Subject: User Account)  
1 A statement that you agree to abide by the IT regulations at UiO  
2 Full name (all names, don't abbreviate, don't replace any norwegian characters)  
3 Date of birth (on the format shown in this example date: 23 April 1989)  

Passport number and nationality. However, if you own a Norwegian person ID, do not send line 4. (Don't write your person ID in any email, it should be kept to yourself.)

5 Email address where we can contact you  
6 Mobile phone number where we can contact you (can be international)  
7 Name of supervisor/host/project leader at our department (If necessary we will contact this person to verify your eligibility for a computer account)  
8 End date of access (possible to extend later)  
9 A username is limited to 8 lowercase English letters and cannot be totally unrelated to the letters in your full name. If you have a preference for username, please let us know. Your email address will be automatically generated based on your full name, we cannot decide.  

WARNING: In case we create a brief-visit account (guestXXX) for you, notice that it will automatically close after 28 days. There will be no warning. Files in that account will be difficult to retrieve.


3. How to obtain your password

3.1 The forgotten password service

Please go to UiO password service

3.2 Special arrangement

If you receive a new password from us you are required to change it at immediately after receiving it




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