Seawater drains slowly into the Earth

Doctoral Research Fellow Krister Karlsen at CEED and GEO has received attention for his research on water that is slowly drained into the Earth by subduction. There is more water entering the interior of the Earth than what comes out, but the time horizon is very long. Read interview in the New Scientist.

More water goes into the globe than what comes out. Illustrationphoto:
More water goes into the globe than what comes out. Illustrationphoto:

Subduction processes on the seabed where continental plates go under another, cause very water-rich rocks to be drawn down into the Earth's interior.

The water that goes down in the mantle does not reappear until long time afterwards, for example in the case of volcanic activity. The new study is done using mathematical calculations and modelling. Read more about this research in the articles below.


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