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Getting around at the Department of Geoscience

Dept. of Geosciences, the main entrance of the Geology building. Photo: GKT/UiO
Department of Geosciences, the entrance of the Geology building. Photo: Gunn Kristin Tjoflot,UiO

The Department of Geosciences is located in four buildings at Blindern. A greater part of the department is located in the Geology Building, whereas the sections; GEO-PGP is located in the Physics-building, CEED is located in the ZEB-building, and MetOs is located at the Kristine Bonnevies Building. All buildings are in a short walk from the Geology Building.

The study administration, adm staff and management, and IT-services are in the 1. and 2., floor of the Geology Building.

Public transport; T-bane

From the central Oslo take the T-bane (subway/metro) to Blindern station.

How to get to the GEO-, Physics- and the ZEB-buildings

Walk from Blindern Metro station in the direction of UiO's campus, walk Blindernvegen towards Helga Eng's house, and walk across the square in front of Helga Eng's house. You will then reach Sem Sælands road where the GEO-, ZEB- and Physics buildings are.

How to get to the Kristine Bonnevies' building

Walk from Blindern Metro station in the direction of UiO's campus, turn right and walk along Blindernvegen, then turn left up Motke Moes vei. Kristine Bonnevie's building is on the right hand side, use entrance D which is closest. MetOs in on the second floor.

Car and parking

If you want to park at UiO's parking spaces, you have to register in the Apcoa Flow parking app that you download from App Store/Google Play, on Apcoa's website, or use the parking meter. 

Flight and Flytoget (airport express)

If you arrive by plane to Oslo lufthavn – Gardemoen, you may take the airport express/ Flytoget to Oslo S or the National Theater railway station.

From both Oslo S or the National Theater railway stations you can easily reach public transport and the subway which take you to University of Oslo, Blindern.

Visiting addresses


Sem Sælands vei 1 (map)
Blindern, 0371 Oslo


Sem Sælands vei 24 (map), 4. floor, Blindern, 0371 Oslo


Sem Sælands vei 2A (map), Blindern, 0371 Oslo

Kristine Bonnevies' building

Blindernveien 31 (map)
entrance D from Moltke Moes vei, 2. floor.
Blindern 0371 Oslo