Course in stress management for PhDs

Are you a PhD student at Department of Geosciences? We invite you to a short course 1. of December in how to manage and deal with stress in studies following the doctoral programme as a PhD student. 

Image: Stress management. Illustration photo:

Stress management. Illustration photo:

The course "PhD candidates and stress", is a 3 hour course held on campus by Occupational Physiotherapist Carolina Lybäck-Forsbacka and Senior Advisor Kristine Mollø-Christensen (Psycho-social work environment) from the Occupational Health Service Unit, University of Oslo.

The aim of the course is to build up your awareness about stress-related complaints, health implications and how to improve the situation. During the course we also gives some practical tips, and run through some simple  exercises for eyes, neck and shoulders.

The course is in English and has limited capacity for up to 25 participants. The registration follow the "first come, first served" principle. If there are more than 25 interested, we will set up an extra course in the spring 2022.

We will inform those who are admitted by email. 

Welcome to the course! 

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