Event description


On July 10, 1990, part of the historical terminal moraine of the Dolent Glacier collapsed and triggered a debris flow of approximately 40`000 m3 which endangered a campsite and a village in the Val Ferret, Valais, Swiss Alps.





Data source


IUGG(CCS)/UNEP/UNESCO (2005): Fluctuations of glaciers 1995 � 2000, Volume VIII (Haeberli, W., Zemp, M., Frauenfelder, R., Hoelzle, M. und K��b, A.; Eds.). World Glacier Monitoring Service, University of Zurich, Z�rich.




Investigation were carried out to determine the triggering factors of the debris flows and to investigate wether a degradation of the permafrost could explain the instability of the moraine. The triggering factors of the debris flows are not yet clear. The instability of the moraine was not induced by an extreme rainfall event.