Event description


Flood Lake is a glacier-dammed lake situated in the Stikine River basin of the Coast Mountains, British Columbia. In August 1979 an outburst flood or j�kulhlaup, occured releasing approximately 150 Mio m3 of water beneath Flood Glacier. The maximum discharge rate has been estimated to be as high as 3`000 m3. The 1979 outburst was recorded at the USGS Stikine River gauging station near Wrangell, Alaska, 90 km downstream from the tunnel outlet.





Data source


Clarke, G. K. C., Waldron, D. A. (1984): Simulation of the August 1979 sudden discharge of glacier-dammed Flood Lake, British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 21, 502 � 504.




Flood Lake is of interest because ist associated j�kulhlaups affect human activities in the Stikine River valley.