Inclusion of foraminifera in Artsdatabanken - the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC)

One of the main tasks of NBIC is to provide the public with updated and accessible information on Norwegian species and ecosystems to raise the public interest and focus on national species’ existence and specific ecosystems. For further information about NBIC's tasks and responsibilities, see

Cornuspira foliacea (Philippi, 1844). Photo: Elisabeth Alve


About the project

In Artsdatabanken (’the Species Name database’), NBIC aims to compile a complete list of all existing species in Norway and their distribution. This database will be used as a standard key to obtain additional species specific information. Foraminifera are abundant, single-celled organisms in marine ecosystems forming an important link between lower and higher levels in the marine food web.  

Information about their distribution and ecological requirements is crucial for their application within (palaeo)ecology, (palaeo)climatology, and biostratigraphy, as well as environmental monitoring. By including information about foraminifera in Artsdatabanken, the project aids the application of this organism group.  


Published Dec. 17, 2012 9:49 AM - Last modified Aug. 4, 2016 2:02 PM