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Master Students that Rock CCS

Nora Holden and Maren Bruflodt Løge, tell their experience.

Nora Holden

Nora hiking to Kolsåstoppen
Nora hiking to Kolsåstoppen

Nora Holden, became a PhD last August after her Master program at the Department of GeoScience, UiO Oslo. She has found herself much in demand recently when Wintershall Dea an international oil and Gas company, read her Master Thesis; Structural characterization and across-fault seal assessment of the Aurora CO2 storage site.

– When I finished my Master thesis apart from the examiner and my supervisor, I honestly didn’t think anyone else would ever look at it again.

Wintershall requested to use her seismic interpretations. Nora’s interpretations (1000+ hours of work) on the Aurora storage site is based on seismic data owned by Gassnova SF. The work made up the topic of her Master thesis. Her thesis was made available through the NCCS eRoom. When Wintershall Dea recently became members of the NCCS consortium they were keen to see the results. Giving rise to a data exchange of both the inner and outer extremities of the Aurora focus area.

– This is a good example of Master Students and PhD’s behind huge valued creations. Saving the industry time, money and resources, Nora’s supervisor said. 

– It is nice, when industry are interested and see a meaning to what we do, Nora added.

Maren Bruflodt

Maren on Field Work in Loen
Maren on Field Work in Loen

Maren Bruflodt Løge will defend her Master thesis in CCS Technology (summer 2022). She has already landed herself an exciting new opportunity working for EXPLOCROWD based in Stavanger.

– I think I wanted to move away from the classic image of the Geology student, who works with oil and gas.

She heard about this exciting company through LinkedIn and work associates during her summer job with Vår Energi. Maren was asked to join a speed-dating session at EXPLOCROWD via Zoom and within hours was offered a job.

This job offer came as no surprise to those who know her. Maren has been on the pulse of popular thinking around CCS since starting her training. Working as part of a CCS outreach team in her spare time to produce material on carbon storage aimed at secondary and high school children.

We asked her if she had always been interested in CCS? 

– I wanted to show my friends that Geology is not just about oil and gas, which they think is bad, but does in fact have a higher purpose, Maren replied.

Maren started at UiO as a student in Sedimentology. During her time at UiO, one of her course instructors; Nazmul Mondol and supervisors, Anja Sundal and Ingrid Anell start to cultivate her interest in CCS. Her main interests lie in seismic interpretation, sedimentology and structural geology. She will go on to work as part of a small CCS project based team.

– I’m really excited to start working, but right now I am so busy finishing my Master thesis and packing to move to Stavanger. I look forward to June when all I have to do is work, Maren says.

By Cathy Braathen
Published Apr. 21, 2022 3:29 PM - Last modified June 20, 2022 2:32 PM