Network hiccups Wednesday 2019-03-27

Network hiccups Wednesday 2019-03-27

17:00 — 20:00

Update 2019-03-22:

The below list is confirmed and expanded a bit. The time slot is pushed to after 19:00.
Upstream announcement:

(original message)

Short periods of downtime for central services are to be expected. A full list of affected services is not available, but the following systems will likely be hit:

  • kant, hume: Storage servers for home directories (on vlan3)
  • astra: Storage for dome directory extensions (vlan3).
  • lagringshotell: General and project storage (also vlan3).

We will update this page if more details becomes available.

Upstream announcement:

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Published Mar. 21, 2019 10:38 AM - Last modified Mar. 22, 2019 2:03 PM