Norge Digitalt

Norge Digitalt is a collaboration between Norwegian businesses (departments, institutes etc.) that provide spatial information (GIS Data) and/or are grand users of such kind of data.

The "Norge Digitalt"-cooperation has its foundation in a report to the Storting (Norwegian National Assembly) nr. 30 (2002-2003) called "Norge Digitalt - et felles fundament for verdiskapning". The database contains a wide range of spatial data sets of onshore Norway. Visit the web-site of Norge Digitalt to find out more about this database and what type of data is available.

If you wish to retrieve some data from the database or have questions, please contact Michel Heeremans. If you are a Master-student, please provide confirmation from your supervisor when you require data.

If you want to display background maps, you can use the following link:

Tags: GIS, Statens kartverk, database, spatial data By Michel Heeremans
Published Jan. 25, 2011 10:58 AM - Last modified Feb. 25, 2020 11:00 AM