AFSecurity: How to Attack and Defend Wind Farms

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Welcome to AFSecurity at UiO,

Sujeet Shenoi from the University of Tulsa, USA will give a talk on how to attack and defend wind farms.

See the program below and at the AFSecurity wiki.

TIME: 29 November 2022, at 14:00h
PLACE: Auditorium Smalltalk, 1st floor, IFI, UiO.

All interested are welcome. Coffee and snacks served.

14:00h Welcome to AFSecurity at UiO
14:15h Invited talk

  • TITLE: How to Attack and Defend Wind Farms
  • SPEAKER: Sujeet Shenoi, University of Tulsa, USA
  • ABSTRACT: As modern society grows more reliant on wind energy, wind farm deployments will become increasingly attractive targets for malicious entities. The geographic scale of wind farms, remoteness of assets, flat logical control networks and insecure control protocols expose wind farms to a myriad of threats. This presentation describes the anatomy of a generic wind farm and the attack vectors that can be leveraged to target its information technology, industrial control system and physical assets. It discusses attack scenarios involving unauthorized wind turbine control, wind turbine damage, wind farm disruption and damage, and substation disruption and damage. Additionally, it highlights mitigation techniques that provide robust security coverage and reduce negative cyber and physical impacts. The attack surface, targets, scenarios and mitigation techniques presented are common across wind farm deployments. However, it is still possible to add details about the unique aspects of wind farm assets, configurations and operations in order to develop a holistic risk management program geared for a specific wind farm deployment.

15:00h Discussion.

BIO: Sujeet Shenoi is the F.P. Walter Professor of Computer Science and a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma. An active researcher with specialties in cyber security, cyber operations, critical infrastructure protection and digital forensics, Dr. Shenoi works on exciting “problems” ranging from helping solve homicides to penetrating telecommunications systems, oil and gas pipelines, wind farms and voting machines. He spearheads the University of Tulsa's elite Cyber Corps Program that trains “MacGyvers” for U.S. government agencies. For his innovative strategies integrating academics, research and service, Dr. Shenoi was named the 1998-1999 U.S. Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation.

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