Below you find the presentations from the sessions and the keynotes


Local-Global Dialectics of Infrastructural Standards: Implementing RDS-TMC Messaging Standards in Swedish Road-Administration. Kalle Lyytinen (pdf)

The Uneven Contours of Information Infrastructure Innovation. Robin Williams (pdf)


Design Guidelines for Adoption of an Information Infrastructure for International Trade in the Global Supply Chain Over Sea. Thomas Jensen et al. (pdf)

Information Infrastructure Architecting - three strategies from HISP. Johan Sæbø and Petter Nielsen (pdf)

Are all Platforms Born Equal? Towards an Understanding of Digital Platforms. David Tilson et al. (pdf)

The consequences of Generativity. Ben Eeaton et al. (pdf)

Bootstrapping as the emergence of phenomena and infrastructure. Elena Parmiggiani (pdf)

Balancing Control and Generativity in the Development of a National Health Infrastructure. Anne Asmyr Thorseng and Tina Blegind Jensen (pdf)

Could Constructive Empiricism be More Useful than Critical Realism as a Foundation for Action Research on Information Infrastructure Development?. Petter Øgland (pdf)

Impact of Network Externalities on Digital Infrastructure Adoption and Assimilation. Awinder Kaur and Harminder Singh (pdf)

Information Infrastructures and the Audit Society. Petter Almklov (pdf)

A Strategic Framework for Describing the Evolution of Andrea Resca and Paolo Spagnoletti (pdf)

Infrastructures and the Circulation of Agency: Lessons from the Design of Pan-European e-­Justice Systems. Francesco Contini and Giovan Francesco Lanzara (pdf)

Innovation in Norwegian eGovernment Information Infrastructure. Arild Jansen (pdf)

Exploring Mutation in Digital Platforms: A Case of Video Game Digital Platform. Alexander Chekanov, Svetlana Khomich and Joan Rodon (pdf)

Generative Digital Infrastructure: The Coming of Lightweight IT. Bendik Bygstad (pdf)

Developing Information Infrastructure for e-Government: A Relational Approach. Hasan Hashim, Jonathan Foster and Angela Lin (pdf)

Pilot Implementation as an Approach to Infrastructure: Experiences From Two Cases Within Healthcare. Maria Ie Manikas and Arnvør á Torkilsheyggi (pdf)

Knowledge Infrastructure: The Impact of Spectrum Management Towards Wireless Innovation: Vicky Vilsy, Ian Graham and Tony Kinder (pdf)


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