Cesar: Ongoing Master Theses

Extending the Cesar Data Aquisition Tool with Sensor Hierarchies

Edward-Alexander Eriksen

Machine Learning Based Classification of Respiration Data from Flow Sensor

Håkon Trefall

Handling noisy data and labels in sleep apnea data

Peder Wiig Alen

Segmenting sleep monitoring data to isolate sleep apnea events

Gudmundur Jonsson

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Exploring Fitbit smart watches to detect sleep related disorders

Adem Salih

Analyzing the ability of Garmin Smartwatches to detect Sleep Apnea

Franceska Akpene Lumor

Improving Flow Sensor Data with a GAN-based Approach

Johnmar Geli Riiser


Analyzing the ability of the Apple Watch Series 6 to detect Sleep Apnea

Lars Christian Hovtun Palm


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