Public Opening of the Language Analysis Portal

The Language Analysis Portal gives non-technical researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences easy-to-use access to automated language analysis tools that are invoked at the click of a few buttons and execute ‘behind the scenes’ on a national supercomputer.



Since late 2012, the Language Technology Group (LTG) at the Department of Informatics and the Department for Research Computing at the University Center for Information Technology have collaborated on the  design and implementation of a portal (or ‘science gateway’) that enables non-expert users to apply state-of-the-art language technologies on the national supercomputer Abel, all through an easy-to-use in-browser interface.  This work is part of the European ESFRI initiative Common Language Resources and Technologies Infrastructure (CLARIN), funded through the Norwegian national CLARINO project.  In September 2016, the Language Analysis Portal (LAP) enters production mode and will be opened for national and international research users  through a public ‘launch party’.

The opening seminar is held in seminar room Smalltalk, on the ground level (aka 1st floor) of the Department of Informatics (Ole Johan Dahls hus), right by the main entrance.  Following the scientific programme, snacks and refreshments will be served to participants just outside the meeting room.


10:15 10:30 Informal Gathering Pastrys, Fruit, & Coffee
10:30 10:40 Svein Stølen (Dean of Research; Oslo) Welcome: On the Role of Large-Scale Scientific Computing in Norway
10:40 10:50 Stephan Oepen (Computer Science; Oslo) The CLARINO Language Analysis Portal
10:50 11:00 Bjørn Høyland (Political Sciences; Oslo) ‘Text as Data’ in Computational Social Sciences
11:00 11:10 Antske Fokkens (Digital Humanities; Amsterdam) Language Analysis Needs in the Digital Humanities
11:10 11:20 Jarle Ebeling (Research Computing; Oslo) National Developments in Large-Scale Computing and Portals
11:20 11:30 Koenraad de Smedt (Computational Linguistics; Bergen) Common Language Resources and Technologies Infrastructure in Norway
11:30 12:30 Informal Gathering Snacks & Guided Tour of HPC Facilities


To sign up for this event, please register on-line, using the link on the right-hand side (registration will inform catering, among other things).

Tags: language technology
Published Aug. 30, 2016 9:54 PM - Last modified Nov. 6, 2017 12:28 PM