Infrastructure-less indoor positioning in 3D

"Infrastructure-less indoor positioning in 3D” is a User-driven Research based Innovation project (BIA) sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council. The industrial partners Sonitor Technologies and MazeMap will work with research groups at the University of Oslo (UiO) and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) to develop an infrastructure-less indoor positioning technology based on an innovative sensor fusion approach.

Duration: 2017-2021


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  • Aparicio, Joaquin; Thio, Vincent Martello Kwie Hoe & Holm, Sverre (2022). Range evaluation between indoor microphones obtained from acoustic ambient noise cross-correlations.
  • Aparicio, Joaquin & Holm, Sverre (2021). Evaluation of acoustic ambient noise cross-correlations in indoor environments.
  • Aparicio, Joaquin (2019). Acoustic daylight: Concept and applications on different fields.
  • Aparicio, Joaquin; Alvarez, Fernando; Hernandez, Alvaro & Holm, Sverre (2019). A review of techniques for ultrasonic indoor localization systems.

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