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Disputas: Lars Grønmark Holmen

M.sc. Lars Grønmark Holmen ved Institutt for teknologisystemer vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden philosophiae doctor:

Development of 1.5 µm and 2 µm fiber lasers and applications in 3D-imaging and mid-infrared generation

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Integrated optics - present and future (download)

Hovedfunn (på engelsk)

Lasers find widespread use in a variety of fields such as industrial materials processing, laser surgery, telecommunications, metrology, and defense. Particularly fiber lasers have emerged over the last few decades as a notably attractive laser architecture for practical applications. In a fiber laser, light amplification occurs inside optical fibers that act as waveguides. These fibers can be spliced together to form monolithic and alignment-free laser systems that offer extreme reliability in demanding environments. Most scientific and commercial success has to date been achieved with ytterbium-doped fiber lasers that emit at wavelengths around 1.1 µm. There are however numerous laser applications that benefit from fiber laser emission at other less conventional wavelengths. This thesis presents development of silica fiber lasers doped with erbium, thulium and holmium ions, which emit at wavelengths around 1.5 µm and 2 µm. Pulsed lasers operating in the nanosecond regime with high pulse energy and peak powers are reported, along with a widely tunable holmium laser that emits at 2.025 – 2.2 µm. The sources developed are performance tailored to selected laser applications. Specifically, this work demonstrates lasers used for 3D-imaging at long ranges (several kilometers) and generation of mid-infrared emission (3-5 µm) through optical frequency conversion.

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PhD rådgiver, Ida Elisabeth Rydning, i.e.rydning@its.uio.no

Teknisk ansvarlig, Arild Hemstad, arild.hemstad@its.uio.no

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