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Besøksadresse Gunnar Randers vei 19 2007 Kjeller
Postadresse Postboks 70 2027 Kjeller


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Emneord: Energy storage, Renewable energy, Energy systems, Materials Science and Technology, Synchrotron X-ray Characterization, neutron scattering


Se alle arbeider i Cristin

Se alle arbeider i Cristin

  • Sartori, Sabrina (2022). Plenary invited talk, 23rd International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements (SCTE2022), 14-17 June 2022, Bordeaux, France.
  • Bazioti, Kalliopi; Gorantla, Sandeep; Sunding, Martin Fleissner; Sartori, Sabrina; Diplas, Spyridon & Bachmatiuk, Alicja [Vis alle 7 forfattere av denne artikkelen] (2022). Novel 2D-based anodes for Li-ion all-solid-state batteries.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2022). Designing a hybrid power system for a remote telescope in the Atacama desert, Isabelle Viole, Guillermo Valenzuela-Venegas, Marianne Zeyringer, Øystein Ulleberg, Sabrina Sartori.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2022). Invited talk: Game changing energy storage: The role of hydrogen, Propulsion Futures Beacon, UK, 23th February 2022.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2021). Hydrogen: Store muligheter, dårlig tid.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2021). The first nine months of the project. [Internett]. webpage AtLAST.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2021). AtLAST: our vision for a new telescope powered by renewable-based energy systems.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2021). The design of next-generation telescope starts now! . [Internett].
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2021). 2020 Virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting a successful, valuable experience, M Kim, R Naik, JM Rondinelli, H Wang, E Flatté, MP Rowe, S Sartori, P Shastri, C Wang, MRS Bulletin 46, 2021, 186-187.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2021). Podcast interview of Sabrina Sartori about the Master in Renewable Energy Systems at UiO, 18 March 2021.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). MRS TV Interviews Meeting Chair Sabrina Sartori,
  • Karatairi, Eva & Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Reviving hydrogen as an energy carrier. MRS bulletin. ISSN 0883-7694. 45(6), s. 424–426. doi: 10.1557/mrs.2020.157.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). The Atacama Large Aperture Submillimetre Telescope (AtLAST).
  • Øgaard, Mari Benedikte; Aarseth, Bjørn Lupton; Skomedal, Åsmund; Riise, Heine Nygard; Sartori, Sabrina & Selj, Josefine Helene Krogh (2020). Identifying snow events in PV system data.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Panelist in the webinar event: Writing Concrete Abstracts and Titles, MRS OnDemand webinar series.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Smart energilagring bidrar til å berge klimaet,
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Astronomy sets new records with revolutionary telescope, interview for
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Materialforskere i frontlinjen mot korona-viruset,
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Invited Lecturer at Erice School of Solid State Physics: “Materials for Energy and Sustainability-ISMES IX”, Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Italy. Postponed.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Meeting Chair for the 2020 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (around 7,000 attendees), Boston, 29 November-4 December 2020.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Co-organizer and Lecturer of the university course “Science, innovation and sustainability of the future energy systems”, Scuola Superiore di Catania, 28 April-15 May, Catania, 2020.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2020). Symposium organiser (Co-chair), European Nanoanalysis Symposium at E-MRS, Warsaw, October 2020 .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). AtLAST: The Atacama large aperture submillimeter telescope, B-Mode from Space, MPA, Garching, 16-19 December 2019.
  • Zschech, Ehrenfried; Sinclair, Robert; Martins, Rodrigo; Sebastiani, Marco & Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Editorial for the Special Issue “Characterization of Nanomaterials: Selected Papers from 6th Dresden Nanoanalysis Symposium”. Nanomaterials. ISSN 2079-4991. 9(11). doi: 10.3390/nano9111527.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Panel of discussion at MRS Fall meeting: The Role of Plastics in Achieving Energy Sustainability by 2050-Friend or Foe? December 2 (2019), Boston.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Panelist in the webinar event: Career Paths in Materials Science and Engineering, October 22, 2019 .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Norway and the global climate. Can we do more? Will it matter? The clean energy revolution Talk and panel discussion, Cutting Edge 2019, 24 October 2019, Oslo .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). – Slik kan Norge gjøre mer for det globale klimaet, Titan, (2019)(
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Invited lecturer at ISMES-8 Materials for Energy and Sustainability Summer School, 21-27 July 2019, Caltech, Pasadena (USA).
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Hydrogenation properties and microstructure of mechanochemically processed TiFeZr-type alloys, invited lecture, Sabrina Sartori, E-MRS Fall meeting, Symposium L, 16-19th September, Warsaw, 2019.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Starter fornybar-master, Energi Utdanning 2019, 26-27.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Energy storage systems, talk at seminar, Griffith University, Brisbane.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Hydrogen storage systems for mobile and stationary applications: an overview, Sabrina Sartori, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Sion, 10th February 2019.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2019). Plenary Lecture, Sabrina Sartori, Towards next-generation renewable energy technologies, AIV XXIV Conference, May, Italy.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2018). Energy Systems for the Norwegian Grid, workshop organiser, chair, 24 September 2018, Kjeller.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2018). The 1st International Workshop on Mechanochemistry of Metal Hydrides (WMMH-18), organiser, co-chair, 30 May-1 June 2018, Oslo.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2018). Unravelling nanoscale phenomena with in-situ and operando small-angle scattering measurements, invited talk, 6th Dresden Nanoanalysis Symposium, 31 August 2018.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2018). Sabrina Sartori, Invited lecture, Emerging Trends for 21st Energy Technologies, ISMSDE 1st Course: "Materials for Energy and Sustainability-ISMES VII" 2018, 7-12 July, Erice, Italy.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2018). Operando SAXS/WAXS measurements on Na-ion batteries; S. Sartori, invited talk, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 23 February 2018.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2018). Energy storage for large scale applications, seminar at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany, 5th of February 2018.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). YouTube video, MRS Bulletin Material Matters, Sabrina Sartori talks with David Cahen about hot topics of the future and the role of materials in energy and sustainability, November 2017.
  • Strandbakke, Ragnar; Vøllestad, Einar; Norby, Truls Eivind; Sartori, Sabrina; Guzik, Matylda Natalia & Lang, Julien (2017). Hydration and structural properties of mixed conductor Ba1‑xGd0.8La0.2+xCo2O6-δ (BGLC).
  • Strandbakke, Ragnar; Vøllestad, Einar; Norby, Truls Eivind; Sartori, Sabrina; Guzik, Matylda Natalia & Lang, Julien (2017). Hydration and structural properties of mixed conductor Ba1‑xGd0.8La0.2+xCo2O6-δ (BGLC).
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Sabrina Sartori "A (R)evolution Around the Corner: How Renewable Energy Will Change the Power Grid", invited talk at Cutting Edge 2017, 26th September 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Invited talk at the Italy-Kazakhstan bilateral workshop "Our Common Future: Energy, Environment & Development", 30-31 August 2017, EXPO2017 Astana, Kazakhstan.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). YouTube interview, Sabrina Sartori talks with Dianne Chong on materials innovation in industry, August 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Materials in Energy, MRS Bulletin’s Sabrina Sartori, from the University of Oslo, talks with materials researchers about materials in energy at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, YouTube.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Sabrina Sartori talks with Martin L. Green on materials technology and informatics, YouTube interview, 12 July 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). S. Sartori, Invited talk, "Hydrogen as energy carrier: research and applications", Italian-Kazakh bilateral symposium, Expo2017, Astana, 30-31 August 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). YouTube interview, Sabrina Sartori talks with Orlando Auciello on biomedical materials innovation, June 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Hydration and structural properties of mixed conductor Ba1‑xGd0.8La0.2+xCo2O6-δ (BGLC), Ragnar Strandbakke, Einar Vøllestad, Julien Lang, Matylda Natalia Guzik, Sabrina Sartori and Truls Norby, talk, SSI, Padua, Italy, 18-23 June 2017 .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). MRS TV, Sabrina Sartori interviewed at MRS Spring Meeting 2017
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). A.A. Elstad, K. Nguyen, S. Sartori, T. Norby, Conductivity and hydration of KBaPO4, KIFEE Symposium, Kyoto - March 7-10, 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). M.N. Guzik, J. Huot, S. Sartori, Effect of Al presence and synthesis method on phase composition and hydrogenation behavior in the La-Mg-Ni system, KIFEE Symposium, Kyoto - March 7-10, 2017 .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Talk, Ragnar Strandbakke, Einar Vøllestad, David Wragg, Sabrina Sartori, Truls Norby, “Development of oxygen-side electrodes for proton conducting fuel cells and electrolysers”, KIFEE Symposium, Kyoto - March 7-10, 2017 .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Talk, Sabrina Sartori, “Metal hydrides for energy storage”, KIFEE Symposium, Kyoto, March 7-10, 2017 .
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Invited talk, Sabrina Sartori, Stockholm University, Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, 5 April 2017; Sweden.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Invited plenary/keynote talk: Nanoconfined hydrides for vehicular hydrogen storage, Sabrina Sartori, “Nanotechnology from Academy to Industry-2017” (NTAI-2017), Israel, 7 May 2017.
  • Sartori, Sabrina (2016). Nye batterier er en "game changer", Interview, Titan, 23 May 2016.
  • Hvidsten, Tobias; Karazhanov, Smagul; Sartori, Sabrina & Spalatu, Nicolae (2022). Antimony selenide based solar cells Fabrication, characterization, and modelling towards development of bifacial solar cells. Universitetet i Oslo. ISSN 829227216X.
  • Elstad, Aleksander Andestad; Norby, Truls & Sartori, Sabrina (2021). Alkali and Alkaline Earth Oxoacid Salts; Synthesis, Hydration, Stability and Electrical Conductivity. Department of Chemisty, UiO.
  • Osnes, Jørgen; Sartori, Sabrina & Seljom, Pernille Merethe Sire (2021). How will different politics affect the energy system? An energy political analysis of the political parties in Norway. . Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.
  • Tuset, Jørgen Kristoffer; Ulleberg, Øystein; Sartori, Sabrina & Hancke, Ragnhild (2021). Modelling and Validation of a Fuel Cell Electric Bus. Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.
  • Sandvei, Ulrik Mevik; Sartori, Sabrina & Forseth, Sissel (2021). Safety issues of Li-ion batteries – a methodology for determination of heat release during thermal runaway. Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.
  • Zorogiannidis, Charilaos; Sartori, Sabrina & Guzik, Matylda N. (2021). Ti1.1CrMn and its hydrides for the application in thermal hydrogen compression. Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.
  • Jensen, Jonas Flatgård; Sartori, Sabrina; Ulleberg, Øystein & Ragnhild, Hancke (2021). Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzer Modeling - Performance during dynamic operation. Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.
  • Kristine, Fuglestad & Sartori, Sabrina (2021). Building-integrated photovoltaics in Norway, challenges and standards. Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.
  • Andersen, Karoline Sjøen; Norby, Truls; Sartori, Sabrina & Chatzitakis, Athanasios (2020). Hydrophobic coatings for offshore PV modules: Impact of precipitation from seawater on the protective glass. Department of Chemisty, UiO.
  • Torp, Sondre; Sartori, Sabrina; Bjørheim, Tor Svendsen; Froudakis, George E. & Fanourgakis, George S. (2020). Prediction of battery materials properties with machine learning: Developing algorithms to discover electrodes for Li-ion and Mg-ion batteries. Kjemisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo.
  • Østigård, Morten; Sartori, Sabrina; Ulleberg, Øystein & Gunnæs, Anette E. (2019). Advanced Modelling of NiMH Batteries: Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into EV Charging Stations. Fysisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo.
  • Kolding, Jonas; Norby, Truls Eivind; Sartori, Sabrina & Larring, Yngve (2019). Conductivity and Defects in Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 - A solid-state Li-ion conductor. Fysisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo.
  • Osnes, Idun Regine Skarbø; Sartori, Sabrina; Eliassen, Frank & Jacobsen, Arno (2018). Wind-Driven Clouds - Utilizing wind energy in data centers. Department of Physics, UiO.
  • Sottmann, Jonas; Fjellvåg, Helmer; Wragg, David & Sartori, Sabrina (2017). Synchrotron Based Operando Methods for Characterization of Non-Aqueous Rechargeable Battery Electrode Materials. Universitetet i Oslo.

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