Summer school 2013: Algebraic Statistics

17.-21. June 2013

Sophus Lie Conference Center, Nordfjordeid, Norway

Program: Three lecture series and extensive problem sessions. Schedule

Alexander Engström (Aalto Univ, Helsinki):

Multigraded commutative algebra and graph decompositions


Caroline Uhler (IST Austria):

Hypothesis testing and graphical models


Thomas Kahle (Univ München):

Monomials, Binomials, Determinants






Prerequisites for participants:

- Chapter 1 and 2 of Cox/Little/O'Shea: "Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms" (Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics).

- Chapter 1 and 7 in Miller/Sturmfels: "Combinatorial commutative algebra" (Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics)

- Install Macaulay2 on your computer and work through the Chapter "Ideals, Varieties and Macaulay 2" by B. Sturmfels.  (in

    "Computations in Algebraic Geometry with Macaulay2", Editors: Eisenbud/Grayson/Stillman/Sturmfels)

- Install R, available at


Recommended additional reading:

 -more chapters in the above books.

 -Drton/Sturmfels/Sullivant: "Lectures on algebraic statistics"



Organizing committee: G. Fløystad (Bergen), K. Ranestad (Oslo), T. Johnsen (Tromsø), Sverre Smaløe (Trondheim)

Sponsors: University of Bergen, University of Oslo, NTNU, University of Tromsø

Location: The school will be held at Sophus Lie Conference Center in Nordfjordeid. Nordfjordeid, the birthplace of Sophus Lie, is a small town in the fjords of the west coast of Norway, halfway between Bergen and Trondheim. The Conference Center is located at Fjordane Folkehøgskule, situated just above Nordfjordeid, where the valley meets the fjord.

Local guides will advice the participants on hikes in the nearby mountains,

with panoramic view.

Arrival: Sunday evening 16. or Monday morning 17. June

Departure:Friday evening 21. or Saturday morning 22. June.

Travel information

Weather: The weather is fairly unstable at Nordfjordeid. From cold, rain and wind to sunny and warm. The temperature is seldom below 10 and go up to 25 if we are lucky. It is advisable to bring a sweater and a jacket.

Registration fee: 200 NOK. The registration fee is payable at arrival (no credit cards).


The participants will be accommodated at the Sophus Lie Conference Center in single and double rooms. The center has nine pavilions, each pavilion has 4 double rooms and 2 single rooms and one shared bathroom. The cost for room and full board (three meals) pr person/night in a double room is NOK 635, for single room this cost is NOK 690.

Registration deadline is May 1st 2013
Registrations are now closed. Do you have questions about registration or need further information please contact Elisabeth H. Seland

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