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Sophus Lie Conference Center

Sophus Lie Conference Center for mathematics was established through a collaboration between Eid kommune and the mathematical departments at NTNU in Trondheim and the universities of Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø. In the summer this will be a meeting place for students, teachers and researchers, with different kinds of workshops and conferences. Anybody planning such events are encouraged to contact us

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General information on the center

Sophus Lie Conference Center is situated at Fjordane Folkehøgskule in Nordfjordeid. This is a boarding school which is taken over by the Center during the summer break. The school has 90 beds. For additional accommodation there are several hotels and pensions in Nordfjordeid. At the school there are nine pavilions with 4 double rooms and 2 single rooms. The pavilions have common kitchen and bathroom facilities. All meals are prepared at the schools own kitchen, which can serve up to 130 persons. Fjordane Folkehøgskule was built in 1975. It has an audotorium which holds 350 persons, with large blackboards and overhead screens. In addition to this the school has several classrooms for 30-40 persons and numerous smaller rooms. The school has computers with internet access available to all participants.

Fjordane Folkehøgskule lies just outside the center of Nordfjordeid. In the centre there is a tourist information, travel agencies, restaurants, pubs as well as regular stores, post office and bank.

Nordfjordeid is reachable by plane, bus and car. There are 4 daily flights from Oslo and Bergen, and 3 buses daily from Oslo and Bergen. It lies by one of the scenic fjords on the west coast of Norway, north of Bergen.

The Center has been the host for mathematical conferences and summer schools since 1993. Included among these are two Euroconferences sponsored by the European Commission through the HCM and TMR programs, namely Europroj annual conference, June 1995 (85 participants) and the Conference on Von Neumann algebras and dynamical systems, August 1997 (120 participants). The accomodation is reasonably priced.


How to arrive

The following are the main possibilities:

a) By Plane: The natural place to fly to is Sandane via Oslo or Bergen. This airport is only 5 km from Nordfjordeid, and there is bus/taxi service from there.
b) By Bus: There is relatively good bus service between Oslo and Nordfjordeid, and Bergen and Nordfjordeid, but it takes 9 and 7 hours respectively.
c) By Boat and Bus: There is also a good express boat service between Bergen and Måløy, with bus connection between Måløy and Nordfjordeid, it takes about 6 hours altogether.

Travelling times to Nordfjordeid from  Oslo Bergen Trondheim
Plane 90 min. 50 min. 4 h.
Bus 9 h. 7 h. 8.5 h.
Expressboat + bus - 6 h. -
Coastal steamer + bus  - 10 h. 20 h.
Car 8 h. 5 h. 8 h.

A good general reference for tourist and travel information in the region of Nordfjordeid is

  • Widerøe: Plane to Sandane, buss/taxi/boat (5km) to Nordfjordeid.
  • Nettbuss: Bus from Oslo, Bergen or Ålesund to Nordfjordeid.
  • NSB: Train to Otta, bus from Otta to Nordfjordeid.
  • Norled: Express boat to Måløy (Nordfjord), bus to Nordfjordeid.
  • Hurtigruten: Coastal steamer to Måløy, bus to Nordfjordeid.


The weather is fairly unstable at Nordfjordeid. From cold, rain and wind to sunny and warm. The temperature is seldom below 10 and go up to 25 if we are lucky. It is advisable to bring a sweater and a jacket.

Contact information

Sophus Lie Conference Center:

Silvia van Hesik Førde/Terese Balsnes
Fjordane folkehøgskule
Skulevegen 32
NO-6771 Nordfjordeid
Phone: (+47) 57 88 98 80

University of Oslo:

Kristian Ranestad
Department of Mathematics
PO Box 1053 Blindern, 0316 Oslo
Phone (+47) 22 85 59 17 / 22 85 58 88
Fax (+47) 22 85 43 49

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