Roberto Conti (Pescara, Italy): Sectors of scaling limit nets and asymptotic morphisms

Roberto Conti , Università di Chieti-Pescara ‘G. D’Annunzio’, Italy, will give a talk on "Sectors of scaling limit nets and asymptotic morphisms".


Abstract: In the algebraic approach to 4D-QFT the main object of study is a local net, namely an isotonous correspondence between spacetime regions and operator algebras on a fixed Hilbert space satisfying physically motivated properties including Einstein causality. The so-called DHR superselection sectors of the net are then described by certain (inner equivalence classes of) *-endomorphisms of the C*-algebra of quasi-local observables. For any local net, one may also consider its associated scaling limit nets, carrying the information on the short distance limit of the given QFT (roughly, this is the algebraic version of the renormalization group). In this talk we will argue that the superselection sectors of a scaling limit net can be described in terms of suitable maps of the original theory, that are similar to the asymptotic morphisms appearing in E-theory of Connes and Higson. This is a new arena where concepts from AQFT and NCG are merged together, and provides a first step for an alternative (rigorous, model independent) approach to the notion of confinement. (This is joint work with G. Morsella).  

Published Nov. 22, 2011 3:21 PM - Last modified Nov. 22, 2011 3:22 PM