Bent Natvig: Reliable research through four decades

We invite you to a one-day workshop celebrating Professor Bent Natvig's 70th anniversary. Invited speakers will present recent developments in some of the areas where Bent has made significant contributions, including reliability theory and mathematical statistics.

Bent Natvig has, since 1986, been a professor of mathematical statistics at the Department of Mathematics. He is the author of a long list of important papers published in top-ranked scientific journals as well as the recent book entitled "Multistate Systems Reliability Theory with Applications" (John Wiley & Sons). At our department, Bent has taken the leading role in the area of reliability theory. On August 1 this year, he turns 70.


The workshop will take place on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, in the top floor of Nils Henrik Abels hus. There will be invited speakers only. Lunch and coffee are served to all registered participants.


Please register by sending an email to Fred Espen Benth (fredb 'at', before May 15.


Invited speakers (Download program here)

  • Elja Arjas (Helsinki): Title: The importance of being B
  • Terje Aven (UiS): Title: My tribute and thanks to Bent Natvig and UiO
  • Bo Bergman (Chalmers): Title: What does it take to change the mind of a Bayesian; From Reliability to Robustness
  • Thore Egeland (UMB): Title: Focus on the parameter
  • Jørund Gåsemyr (UiO): Title: Some aspects of Bayesian methodology in reliability and hierarchical models 
  • Arne Bang Huseby (UiO): Title: Bent Natvig: reliable research through four decades
  • Stefan Isaksen (Safetec): Title: Risk and reliability - theory and practice
  • Monica Lind Kristiansen (HiØ): Title: Assessing reliability of compound software
  • Bo Lindqvist (NTNU and UiO): Title: On reliable and coherent systems – and a ditto professor
  • Gunnar Løvås (Jernbaneverket): Title: Jernbanebygging; hva bidrar risiko- og usikkerhetsanalyser med?
  • Ida Kjersem Solhjell (Statkraft): Title: The power of unknowns 
  • Ingunn Fride Tvete (Norsk Regnesentral): Title: Bayesian comparison of results across clinical trials; effects and side effects
  • Erik Vanem (DNV GL and UiO): Title: Bayesian hierarchical models for ocean waves
  • ...and of course... Bent Natvig! Title: Om forfallet av ikke reparerbare multinære systemer


Ingrid Glad, Arne Bang Huseby and Fred Espen Benth
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