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Mathematics for quantum computation and many-body theory (QOMBINE)

A cross-disciplinary project between mathematics, chemistry, and physics

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About the project

Modern computers and their ever improving computing power have defined the technological advancements of our times. Their performance will eventually reach its limits and a new computational paradigm is currently being developed to enable future advances: Quantum computing aims to exploit the features of quantum mechanics in order to solve computational tasks faster than it would be possible on classical computers.

Developing this technology and understanding its capabilities is a massive and quickly evolving endeavor. A collective effort of the scientific community drawing on expertise across various disciplines is key to deliver sound and long lasting progress. Our team of mathematicians, physicists and quantum chemists will concentrate on theoretical questions central to noise-resistant quantum computation and its application to many-body theory and information processing. Answering these questions requires novel tools anchored across our different disciplines. QOMBINE brings together a unique team of experts in Norway to develop these tools. This will lay the foundations for a new and rich cross-fertilization of research in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Norway.


This project is funded by the  Reseach Council of Norway . Funding ID: 324944. Total budget approx. 25 million NOK.

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