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Special Geometries (completed)

The project aims at stimulating and strengthening basic research at the intersection of algebraic geometry, manifold topology and algebraic topology at the University of Oslo and on the national level. 


About the project

The algebraic geometry and topology groups at UiO want to intensify research on special geometries, their applications to the classification of varieties and manifolds and to stable and motivic homotopy theory. The scientific program is divided in three work packages:

  • Projective models of hyperkähler and Calabi Yau varietie 
  • Algebraic K-theory and stable homotopy theory
  • Motivic invariants for group schemes and stacks

With new recruitments we aim at extending this list into the area of symplectic, complex or Kähler geometry.


This project is financed by the Reseach Council of Norway (external link). Funding ID: 239015

The Project Owner and any partners are required to make reference to the Research Council’s funding scheme and contribution to the project in any external information issued about the project. We suggest you use this text in all publications: " The research leading to these results has been given funding from the Research Council of Norway (RCN). Project number: 239015".



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