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Algebra and algebraic geometry

Algebra and algebraic geometry have long traditions in Norwegian mathematical research. From the early 18th century with the groundbreaking works of Niels Henrik Abel, Sophus Lie and Peter Ludvig Sylow to Atle Selberg's influential work in number theory.

Today the research within the algebra group centers around birational geometry, classical algebraic geometry, deformation theory, enumerative geometry, Calabi-Yau manifolds, Non-commutative geometry, toric geometry, tropical geometry, and several other related subjects.

About the group

The group currently consists of 6 permanent members and varied number of postdocs, PhD students and visiting researchers. The activities are organized around a weekly seminar and an algebra lunch.

seksjon 5 - forskningsgruppene i algebra, geometri og topologi
Section 5 - the research groups in algebra, geometry and topology, foto: Elisabeth H. Seland, Matematisk institutt, UiO
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