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Several Complex Variables

The central theme of the field is the study of holomorphic functions and mappings, and the relationship between these and the geometry of the underlying space. Complex Dynamics is central to the group.  The field is far reaching as one studies problems varying from mathematical analysis to complex/algebraic geometry, topology and complex dynamics.

Seminar Fall 2020

24.08.20 The polydisc from above and below (Brevig)

08.10.20 Oka manifolds (Løw)

About the group

The group consists of 3 permanently employed researchers, 1 emeritus, and a varying number of post doc's, ph.d.-students and visiting researchers.  We run a weekly seminar.  The main activity of the group is at the moment within the following themes:

  • Approximation theory and uniform algebras. 
  • Partial differential equations (the debar equation).
  • Embedding problems (Riemann surfaces, and pseudoconvex domains).
  • Topics in complex dynamics and iteration problems. 


Erlend F. Wold runs jointly with the SCV group at NTNU the NRC funded project "Complex analysis and dynamics". Tuyen T. Truong runs the NRC funded project "Geometric and dynamical properties of rational maps". 



The group has a wide international network, and works especially closely with groups in Bern, Ljubljana, Rome, Amsterdam and Gothenburg.  About 3 times per year we have national meetings with our colleagues in Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, and there is an annual nordic conference, NORDAN. 

We are a part of the E-SCV Consortium (, aiming to foster exchanges between Europe and Greater China.


Academic programmes and courses

MAT4800 - Complex analysis.  Covers a variety of topics in one variable complex analysis.

MAT4810 - Introduction to Several Complex Variables.

MAT4820 - Complex dynamics. 

We can give masters- and ph.d. assignments within the topics mentioned above, and we can also offer more specialized topics.    

forskningsgruppens deltagere
The research group in several complex variables, Foto: Elisabeth H. Seland, Matematisk institutt, UiO
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