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Statistics and Data Science


The research group in Statistics and Data Science is active in many areas of theoretical and applied statistics, including inference for high-dimensional data, survival and event history analysis, model selection and criticism, graphical modelling, non-parametrics, machine learning, hierarchical Bayesian modelling, time- and space-modelling, and general methodological development motivated from applications in public health, genetics, biology, climate science and other fields.

Participation in centres

The research group is partner and hub in BigInsight, which is a centre for research based innovation created by the Norwegian Research Council, starting in April 2015. BigInsight is a consortium with 13 academic, industrial and official partners, aiming at the development of new statistical tools for the analysis of high dimensional and complex data, with special focus on new personalised solutions and sharper prediction of transient phenomena. Our research group will also be heavily involved in the new dScience center, an interdisciplinary initiative for gaining insight from data. Another, formally ended, but still central activity of the research group is the FocuStat project. Researchers in the group are also active in the centres PharmaTox  and ImmunoLingo. The research group is also hosting the DataScience@UiO innovation cluster, in collaboration with the research group of Analytical Solutions and Reasoning at IFI, SIRIUS and Big Insight. The emerging activity in Data Science that our group is conducting is collected at this site.


In the Oslo area the research group collaborates closely with the Department of Biostatistics at the Medical faculty,  the Biomedical Informatics Research Group and Analytical Solutions and Reasoning at the Department of Informatics, Norwegian Computing Center,  Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital,  National Institute of Public Health and Statistics Norway. Otherwise the research group has a broad collaboration within Norway and internationally.


The master study in statistics and biostatistics at the University of Oslo is part of the masters programme in Modelling and Data Analysis and the master program in Data Science. The link Nytt om statistikk is meant for students interested in statistics and contains updated information about everything that is happening in the field of statistics right now. 

foto: Matematisk institutt, UiO

foto: Matematisk institutt, UiO

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