Handbook of Statistical Methods for Case-Control Studies

The Handbook of Statistical Methods for Case-Control Studies is written by leading researchers in the field and published by Chapman & Hall/CRC Press (2018). The handbook provides an in-depth treatment of up-to-date and currently developing statistical methods for the design and analysis of case-control studies, as well as a review of classical principles and methods. The handbook is designed to serve as a reference text for biostatisticians and quantitatively-oriented epidemiologists who are working on the design and analysis of case-control studies or on related statistical methods research.

This website provides supplementary materials for some of the chapters of the handbook. The website is maintained by Ørnulf Borgan (email: borgan@math.uio.no).


Chapter 8: Small Sample Methods

Chapter 12: Multi-Phase Sampling

Chapter 13: Calibration in Case-Control Studies

Chapter 17: Survival Analysis of Case-Control Data: A Sample Survey Approach

Chapter 18: Nested Case-Control Studies: A Counting Process Approach

Chapter 19: Inverse Probability Weighting in Nested Case-Control Studies

Chapter 20: Multiple Imputation for Sampled Cohort Data

Chapter 21: Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Case-Cohort and Nested Case-Control Studies

Chapter 22: The Self-Controlled Case Series Method


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