Scandinavian Statistics - Some early lines of development

The 11th European Meeting of Statisticians took place in Oslo 14-18 August 1978. In connection with the meeting, Tore Schweder made an exhibition of some early lines in the development of Scandinavian statistics. Here we present a digital version of the exhibition.  

The aim of the exhibition was to throw light on a some of the early contributors to the development of statistics in Scandinavia. Three lines of development are put in focus: social statistics, mathematical statistics, and probability. If you click on the links below you will see posters that describe the three lines of developments and their contributors. The texts on the posters are due to Tore Schweder, while his father, Carl Schweder, made the drawings and handwriting.

Social statistics

Population statistics, statistical sociology, and survey sampling.

    Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin (1717 - 1783)
    Eilert Sundt (1817 -1875)
    Anders Nicolai Kiær (1838 - 1919)

Mathematical Statistics

Regression, ANOVA, expansions, cumulants, estimation, and testing.

    Ludvig Henrik Ferdinand Oppermann (1817 - 1883)

    Thorvald Nicolai Thiele (1838 - 1910)

    Jørgen Pedersen Gram (1850 -1916)

    Carl Ludwig Charlier (1861 - 1934)

    Jarl Waldemar Lindeberg (1876 - 1932)


Poisson process, risk theory, and queuing theory.

    Filip Lundberg (1876 -1965)

    Agner Krarup Erlang (1878-1929)

Further reading

Tore Schweder (1980). Scandinavian Statistics, Some Early Lines of Development. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, vol 7, pp. 113-129

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