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Master studies at the Department of Mathematics

On this page, you will find practical information about master's studies at the Department of Mathematics. It is not necessary to read the entire page at once, the idea is that you check this page if you have any questions or check the page for information when you reach the relevant stage in your studies.

You will find our contact information at the bottom if you have a questions to anything on the page or your studies in general.

Practical information for new Master's students

Remaining courses in your Bachelor's degree?

Are you admitted to your Master's programme with the condition that you must complete the last courses of your Bachlor's degree? In that case, you may get an extension of your study time on the Master's programme, equivalent to the number of study points you are required to take to complete your Bachelor's degree. In order to get an extension, this must be recorded in your Master's agreement. Note that all remaining courses on your Bachelor's degree must be completed within the first 12 months after admission to the programme. When you have completed your Bachelor's degree, you must contact Knutepunktet to register the degree and remove the condition on your admission.

Have you completed master courses before admission?

If you have completed courses before admission to the master's program, which you want to be part of the theoretical syllabus, this will normally give a deduction in time for the length of the master's program. All applications must be processed by the program council and delivered to the program coordinator for your program. Application is done by filling in the master agreement form in consultation with the supervisor. The master agreement form must be completed with a project description if you are going to write a long thesis.


The absolute deadline for semester registration and course registrations is February 1st / September 1st. Read more about course registration deadlines at the UiO central webpage.

You complete the semester registration and register for courses in Studentweb.

Within December 1st in your first semester, you must hand in your Master's agreement plan. This applies to all Master's students, also part-time students. Check out the points "Forms and deadlines" and "How to fill in the master`s agreement plan" below. 

E-mail: All students at UiO have their own student e-mail account. It is expected that you check this e-mail regularly, as important information is mainly sent to your UiO account, not your personal e-mail. It is possible to forward your student e-mail to your private e-mail if you want to. Read about this and more on the web page using your UiO e-mail account.

Contact person for your programme: As a Master's student at our Department, you will be assigned a contact person for your programme. Your contact person will help you to get started with your Master's studies and guide you on how to choose a supervisor and Master's project.

Mandatory HSE-courses: Students admitted to the Master's programme Computational Science must complete the following HSE-courses:

Forms and deadlines

Deadline for submission of the master's thesis

Remember that you must register for the exam in the master's thesis within ordinary registration deadlines.

Submission of the master's thesis must take place within given deadlines for each semester. These deadlines are absolute. If the deadlines are not met, it will have consequences for the assessment of the assignment (cf. the regulations). The submission must take place by 14.30 on the submission date.


Submission deadlines for short master's thesis
  • Submission in the spring semester: 15th of May
  • Submission in the autumn semester: Monday in week 50
Submission deadlines for long master's thesis
  • Submission in the spring semester: 15th of May
  • Submission in the autumn semester: 15th of November

(The main submission deadline is 15th of May. The other 3 deadlines are 1st of September, 15th of November and 15th of February. These are used for part-time, hanging subjects and courses taken before admission.)


Form Deadline

Digitalized version of the master agreement form

Master agreement plan (PDF)

December 1st.
The status report form

Autumn: October 15th

Spring: March 31st

Filling in the master`s agreement plan

Here you will find information about what must be included in a master's agreement plan at the Department of Mathematics. The deadline for submitting the agreement is, as previously mentioned, 1st of December in your first semester. After the agreement has been submitted, the Master Council reviews the application and provides feedback on whether the agreement has been approved or not. If the agreement is not approved, any deficiencies and errors must be corrected as soon as possible, and the agreement resubmitted. When the agreement is approved, you and all supervisors will be notified by e-mail with a copy of the approved agreement.


Students who are admitted to one of the master's programs at the Department of Mathematics, or the fields of study administered by the department under CS, must have a supervisor who is employed at the Department of Mathematics. This supervisor can be either the main supervisor or the co-supervisor. You can have more than one supervisor and you can have a supervisor who is employed at other departments at UiO or external companies. Together with the supervisor, you choose courses that will be included in your degree, read more in the next section.

Students in the master's program Data Science must have a supervisor at the Department of Mathematics or the Department of Informatics. Where the main supervisor is employed determines the choice of path in Studentweb, where one chooses affiliation to the department in accordance with the main supervisor's department affiliation.


Remember to check "Programme structure" on the program's website and the field of study you are attending so that you know which courses are compulsory in your field of study and / or specialization. Remember to write in the agreement which specialization you are studying (only if you are attending a study program with specializations.)

You can, upon application, use up to 20 credits of bachelor's courses in the degree. At the Department of Mathematics we have a requirement that these bachelor's courses must be at the 3000 level.


You must decide whether there is a need for extra resources for your project, e.g. for storage or computing power.


Both student and supervisor (s) must sign the agreement. There must be an original signature of the student on the agreement, as well as the main supervisor, if the person in question is internal at the Department of Mathematics.

Study progession

Study part-time?

If you plan to study part-time, you must apply to the program council for this as soon as possible after admission (by 1st of September), or as soon as you know that your study progression has changed. Applications for part-time studies afterwards are not granted. Part-time is only granted for the first semester. For the rest of the study, an application is made in connection with the submission of the master's agreement. Documentation of work, incl. Job percentage must accompany the application and be sent to

Reduced studies / delay due to illness?

If you need to study reduced due to illness for a period of time, you can apply to the Master's Council for it. The deadline for applying is 1st of September and 1st of February for the spring and autumn semesters, respectively, possibly immediately after receiving the documentation. The application is sent by e-mail to and is designed by you, and must contain the following:

  • Stating the period you are seeking reduced progression for
  • Your plan for the rest of the study (shift of courses and work on the master's thesis)
  • Medical certificate or other documentation

The documentation must confirm the period of illness by dates and state to what extent (in per cent) you are unable to study. Note that only statements about time period and degree of disability are used as a basis for postponement.

Reduced progression can be granted for the current and future semesters, not for completed semesters.

About the master`s thesis

Extradition of project descriptions

Short master's thesis (30 credits, 4th semester)

Project description for short assignment will be available on the following dates, depending on which semester the assignment is to be written:

  • Spring semester: Monday week 2
  • Autumn semester: Monday in week 33


Long master's thesis (60 credits)

Project description for a long assignment is part of the master agreement and is therefore available when the agreement is approved.


Signing up for the master`s thesis course

To sit for the exam related to the submission of the master's thesis, you must be registered for the exam.

Registration for the course is available from your education plan. Check the education plan at the same time - The diploma is printed on the basis of the education plan.

Course codes for registration for the final exam:

Long master's thesis:

MAT5960, SMR5960, MEK5960, DS5960, CS5960AMRA, CS5960MECH.

Short master's thesis:

MAT5930, SMR5930, MEK5930, DS5930, CS5930AMRA, CS5930MECH.
Associate Professor: MAT5930L, MEK5930L.


(MOD5930 / 60, ANMAT5930 / 60)


Requirements for the front page
The Master's Council has decided that the front page of master's theses at the Department of Mathematics shall state the following:

  • Department of Mathematics
  • University of Oslo
  • Thesis title
  • Name of student
  • Semester and year / date for submission

In addition, the University's seal must be affixed to the front. The name of the master's program with associated field of study, as well as the scope of the thesis must be on page 2 (back of the front page). Any organization logos and more can be put on page 3.

Cover page and layout of assignments written in LaTeX
The Department of Informatics has prepared a website with general information about LaTeX with friends. Below you will find specific resources for writing the master's thesis.

Assignment template

Many students choose to use the following assignment template, which comes in both an online version on Overleaf and for use on your own computer:

Front page template

The cover template covers the requirements for the cover, so if you only want to use the cover template, this is available here:


Documentation for the front page template and a guide for handling large documents can be found here:

Guide for large documents

How to submit 

Submission of the master's thesis must be done twice; by e-mail and in StudentWeb.

Submission by e-mail
The student sends (by e-mail) the final version to the study consultant within the deadline. The thesis must be sent in PDF-format and the filename must be the student's name and master's thesis. Subject-field in the e-mail must be "student's name and FINAL version of master's thesis".

Electronic submission of master's theses in DUO
It is mandatory to submit the entire master's thesis in electronic form via DUO (Digital publications at UiO). 

All students must submit the master's thesis to the DUO open research archive. This is done through StudentWeb. The University Library describes well how to proceed

In addition to the master's thesis, an electronic summary of the thesis must be submitted in half to one page. This summary will be readable by all, and it is therefore desirable that this summary be in English. There will be a link from the BIBSYS database to the summary.

Submission in StudentWeb and submission by e-mail have the same deadline. If the deadlines deviate from each other, the deadline of 2.30 pm applies.

In some cases the student writes a thesis containing personal data or other confidential information. In those cases, one may place restrictions on the thesis.

Reasons to deliver in DUO

Here are some good reasons as to why one should make master`s theses available in DUO

1. The candidate gets a stronger position as a jobseeker in comparison to candidates with the same grade  who choose not to publish.

2. Publication through DUO makes it easy to refer to your own master's thesis later through a public and secure distributor (UiO).

3. Master's theses are often included as part of larger research projects. Not publishing the work will make it difficult for the entire project.

4. The group's later work and master's theses often build on previous work.

5. The master's theses represent an important part of Norwegian basic research. If the master's thesis is not public, it will be difficult for society and
the research community nationally and internationally to benefit from this resource.

Not all documents in the research archive are openly available. Please read about the various restrictions on documents in DUO, and what may be required to gain access


From the spring of 2020, the master's thesis will not be printed by the department.

If you want to print copies of the assignment yourself, it can be ordered from Graphic center as a private order.

Evaluation and Master hearing

The time and place of the hearing are published online. This is visible from the front page of the Department of Mathematics on the page about master's studies. You can talk to the supervisor about setting a date for the hearing.

The supervisor must not actively participate in the grading of master's theses. The supervisor shall provide external and internal examiners with information on e.g. the candidate's form of work, work effort and independence, and then the examiners must use this together with the other criteria for assessment of the master's thesis to determine the grade.
The examiners must emphasize information from the supervisor about the candidate's form of work, work effort and independence. More information on the faculty's page (in norwegian only). 

Final presentation of the master's thesis - the master hearing
After the thesis has been submitted, and it has been clarified that it is at least graded an E, the study ends with an oral master's degree examination. This exam first consists of a presentation of a minimum of 30 minutes where the student himself gives an overview of the assignment. The department has the following templates available :

The presentation must be public,  and the external examiner, internal examiner and supervisor (s) must be present. The presentation is followed by an oral examination / conversation about the assignment with those who are deciding the grade.

The presentation, together with the subsequent oral examination / conversation, can be adjusting to the grade of the assignment. If the assignment as it is submitted is assessed to be an F, the final examination cannot change this, no final master's examination is conducted.

Two grades will be given on the protocol - one on the master's thesis itself and one final grade. The final grade will be on the diploma. Both grades will however be visible in Studentweb.

Grade descriptions 

The master's thesis is graded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Writing course arranged by the Science Library

Every year, a half-day course in scientific writing is held in January at the Science Library.


Remember to ensure that your education plan in Studentweb is correct. If something is missing in the plan / or you fail in one of the courses in the plan, you will not receive a diploma. From 1 June 2022, you will receive a digital diploma. It can take up to 3 months before the diploma is ready. This is because they control the basis for the master's degree (and possibly a bachelor's etc.). The student is responsible for making sure that the basis for the master's degree is in order. This especially applies to students who have a bachelor's degree from other places than UiO.
If you in the meantime need a confirmation of completed education for use in job applications, etc., this can be obtained from the study consultant at the Department of Mathematics.

When the diploma has been produced, the Ekspedisjonen at the Department of Mathematics will receive it and you will receive an e-mail to your student e-mail address stating that the diploma is ready to be collected. You may want to forward email from student mail to your private email address.

Previous Master Theses

To find inspiration when looking for a supervisor and possible Master's projects, you can look through finished Master's Theses in Mathematical subjects in DUO.

Regulations concerning courses, course groups and degrees at MN


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