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How to retain your admission to your master's program

When you accept an offer of admission, you gain admission to a study programme. The admission to a study programme enables you to enroll into courses in the programme, but you need to comply to certain criteria in order to keep the admission to a study programme.

You retain your admission to the study programme until:

  1. you choose to withdraw from the study programme.
  2. you complete the study programme.
  3. your admission to the study programme is revoked.
  4. your admission to the study programme expires. 

The admission to a study programme may be revoked if:

1. you do not register the first semester in the study programme.

To retain your admission to a study programme you must do the following for the first semester:

  • pay the semester fee.
  • register as a student in StudentWeb.
  • enroll in at least one course in your study programme. 

The deadline to do this is September 1st if you commence your studies in the fall semester, and February 1st if you commence your studies in the spring semester.

If you are unable to commence your studies, you may apply for deferred admission.

2. you are absent one semester

To avoid being registered with absence for a semester, you need to:

  • pay the semester fee
  • register as a student in Studentweb.
  • enroll in at least one course in your study programme. 

Read more about registrations and deadlines.

If you plan to not study or are prevented from studying a semester, you must apply for leave of absence. You are not registered with an absence if you have been granted leave of absence.

3.  you have used the maximum number of examination attempts.

You may loose your admission to the study programme if you have used the maximum number of examination attempts without having passed a compulsory activity or passed the examination in a course which is compulsory for the study programme.

4. you do not meet the requirements in the master`s agreement.

The study programmes are designed as full-time studies: 60 ECTS per year. You must complete the program in accordance with the approved master`s agreement between you and the Department. 

If you plan to use already passed courses in your study program, either from UiO or other educational institutions, there will be deductions during the study period corresponding to the scope of the course.

Planning the course of study

On each programme website under “Programme structure” you will find the recommended course of study. Courses for the first semester are chosen in consultation with the contact person. The rest of the study program is planned and confirmed in the master's agreement.

You are yourself responsible to make sure that the teaching and time for examination do not collide. Please be aware that some courses are only being offered during fall/spring semester, or that courses may have prerequisites.You may receive advising from your study advisor or scientific contact person regarding planning your course of study.

Read more about master`s studies at the Department of Mathematics.

How is the study privilege revoked?

  • Admissions to study programmes are mainly revoked twice per year: within mid-October and mid-March.
  • You will receive an advance notice if you risk to get your admission revoked. If your admission is revoked you will be notified by mail to the address registered in Studentweb or to your digital mailbox
  • Advance notice and mail are normally not sent if your admission is revoked because you did not register the first semester in the study programme.
  • If your admission to your study programme is revoked, this will not have any consequences for the courses you are enrolled in the semester of the revocation.
  • You may appeal the revocation of your admission to a study programme.
  • If your admission to a study programme is revoked, you may apply for renewed admission at the study programme using the same procedure as before. The limitation in the number of examination attempts also applies to new admission to the same or another study program where the course is included. Approved project description can not be reused for new admission.

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