ALMA-SOL-IMG Workshop 1 - 2020

First International Workshop on Solar Imaging with ALMA - ALMA-SOL-IMG1.


Solar observations with ALMA have been offered since Cycle 4 (2016–2017), and all solar data of Cycle 4 and a part of the data of Cycle 5 (2017–2018) have already been released to the public. However, non-experts in the field of radio interferometers have some fundamental difficulties in analyzing ALMA solar data. In particular, image synthesis is a major obstacle in achieving scientific results from ALMA solar data.

The aim of the first workshop is to discuss and resolve problems related to solar image synthesis and thus to make it accessible for the whole solar community. This workshop is directed towards experts who have actively worked on the processing of data from observations of the Sun with ALMA. 

Please refer to the main workshop page for more information:

Image: Wedemeyer, Szydlarski et al. (2020)
Image: Band 3 interferometric map. Wedemeyer, Szydlarski et al. (2020)
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