SolarALMA in Horizon Magazine

The SolarALMA project is featured in an article in EUs research and innovation magazine Horizon.

Bilde: S. Wedemeyer/RoCS/UiO, ALMA (ESO/NRAO/NAOJ), NASA/SDO

The article Sun like it hot is written by Jon Cartwright and contains an interview with project leader in SolarALMA, Sven Wedemeyer. SolarALMA is now a part of the newly started Rosseland Center for Solar Physics (RoCS).

The article describes the sun's coronal heating mystery and possible solutions to the mystery through observations with the large radio telescope ALMA

It’s difficult to say exactly when we will make a breakthrough, but it will come

Dr. Sven Wedemeyer

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The article in Horizon Magazine

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ALMA gir helt nytt blikk på sola

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