RocS provides infrastructure for large European Zoom meeting

The European Solar Physics Meeting (ESPM) is held this week with 635 participants and 413 talks. Associate professor Tiago Pereira at RoCS - Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics has the main responsibility for one of the largest Zoom meetings ever organized in solar physics.

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Associate professor Tiago Pereira at RoCS - Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics and colleagues will be on their toes this week with the organization of The European Solar Physics Meetings on Zoom. Photo: UiO

The conference that is usually every three years was delayed a year, and is now virtual.

Tiago Pereira refers to his colleagues when he explains the organization of the Zoom meeting:  - This is thanks to the work of Souvik Bose, Kilian Krikova, Thore Espedal Moe, Nancy Narang and Mats Ola Sand.

A big experiment

- We will be hosting the plenary sessions plus six parallel sessions for poster talks.The six parallel poster sessions will take place in regular Zoom meetings, which have each a limit of 300 participants. We may be running close to capacity, so they are limited to registered participants. We may be able to run some in smaller meeting rooms, depending on how it goes in the first day. it will still be a big experiment, explains Tiago Pereira.

- The timetable can be overwhelming. It is not easy to show 413 talks in a
concise manner!

The details of the meeting can be found at the meeting website of The European Solar Physics Meetings (ESPM).

The RoCS scientific staff will see the plenary sessions together in the RoCS large auditorium or at Zoom from home.

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Published Sep. 6, 2021 10:33 AM - Last modified Sep. 7, 2021 8:51 AM