Exchange opportunities

Students in SIRIUS have the opportunity to to spend 6 months as an intern in Brazil with financial support from the Center for Educational Internationalization. We currently have two such exchange programs for promising students. If you are interested please feel free to contact us with any questions.


INTERNABROAD: Industrial Masters' Projects Related to the Libra Field Development Project (Rio de Janeiro)

Libra is a demanding and high-profile oil and gas development project in Brazil’s Santos basin. The field is being developed by a consortium consisting of Petrobras, Total, Shell, CNOOC and CNPC. Petrobras is the field operator.

You can read more about Libra at:

Projects will be in the broad area of energy industry digitalisation, with specific topics to be decided by the Libra project team and SIRIUS. Projects are open to M.Sc. candidates at the Department of Informatics or Department of Geosciences.

The thesis topic will be agreed between the student, the University of Oslo and the Libra project team. For all projects, six months of the project time will be spent in Rio de Janeiro working on the project as an intern in Petrobras' offices.

We plan to send the students to Rio de Janeiro in teams of three, working on related but distinct projects.

UTFORSK: Masters in Digital Geosciences in Collaboration with Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre)

We have financing for two master's projects in collaboration with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Both of these projects include six month’s work on the project at the UFRGS in Porto Alegre.

This initiative links on the work done around scalable data access in exploration done at both institutions into an initiative that will result in better ontologies and data access tools for geologists in universities and companies. The initiative is coordinated with and supported by Statoil and Petrobras.

General Practical Information

As a SIRIUS exchange student in Brazil you will receive a 6000 NOK per month stipend for your stay in Rio de Janeiro or Porto Alegre. In addition, you will receive a 13000 NOK supplementary payment to cover the costs of insurance and secure accomodation. Finally, UiO will organize a cultural awareness seminar on living and working in Brazil.