EC meeting 2022

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Welcome to Oslo!

The annual meeting of Euclid Consortium will be held in Oslo, Norway, April 26-29, 2022. The meeting is hosted by the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Oslo.

We hope as many as possible will be able to join us in person in Oslo, but it will also be possible to follow the meeting online (for a lower fee). All plenary sessions will be streamed, and it's open for online participants to ask questions to the speakers through the chat. All parallel sessions will be open for participants to watch and also contribute to the discussion (as in a normal Zoom session). There will also be a dedicated Slack workspace open for all participants.


The conference is now over, thank you all for participating either in person or digitally. We hope you had a great meeting and hope to see you at the Euclid meeting next year!

  • If you want to rewatch the plenary session, then this will be available here for 10 days after streaming ended. We have also uploaded them and made it available, together with the slides, on Redmine.
  • All the slides and recordings of the parallel sessions are also available on Redmine.

Conference photo

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Photo: Martina D'Angelo (ITA / UiO)

You can find more photos from the conference on this page.

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Oslo, Norway’s Green capital

Welcome to Oslo, a hidden gem surprisingly rich in culture – and unusually close to nature.

Covid Information (external link)

The travel-restrictions upon entry into Norway have been lifted, and you can now travel to Oslo just like you could before the start of the pandemic. One does not need a corona pass to enter shops or restaurants. Visit for updated information.

We want to make the conference a safe experience for everyone and will provide free masks, sanitisers and self-tests in the conference hall. The conference hall is also spacious and allows for people to keep social distance.

If you get covid during the conference then you should alert the organizers (so that we can help you with whatever you need) and the current reccomendations from the goverment is that you then isolate for 4 days and until you have been free of fever for 24 hours.

If you need a covid test to leave Oslo see the bottom of the Accommodation & Travel page for more info about where you can get this.

Code of conduct (external link)

The Euclid Consortium (EC) is a large collaboration composed of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Its ability to provide excellent service to the astronomical community is enhanced by establishing an inclusive consortium culture. Embracing differences and fostering an inclusive environment creates opportunities for participation and innovation and contributes to a productive, high-achieving workforce.

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