Beyond ΛCDM survey

This is an informal (and rather unscientific) survey of participants of the Beyond ΛCDM conference -- and the wider cosmological community -- to gauge opinions and attitudes towards the ΛCDM model, and what lies in store for it over the coming decade.

Our intention is to get a feel for what issues cosmologists think are important, what developments are likely, and where they are likely to come from. We'll discuss the results of the survey on the 14th of January, during the conference, and will make the results more widely available soon after.

The survey is, of course, anonymous, and should be taken light-heartedly! You can select multiple responses for each question or, if you feel that none of them are right, choose "Other" and add free-form comments and responses at the bottom of the survey.

Thanks for participating!

Published Mar. 28, 2019 10:34 AM