Cosmology Seminar: Lluis Mas Ribas

Lluis Mas Ribas obtained his PhD recently from ITA at University of Oslo and is currently transitioning to his post-doctoral position at JPL and Caltech.

Dissecting the extreme winds from massive black holes

The outflowing winds from supermassive black holes are  important because they can regulate the entire evolution of their host galaxies. They have been detected as absorption signatures imprinted in the host black hole (quasar) spectrum at small and large distances from the galactic center for almost 50 years, but their origin and nature is still mostly unknown.

We present a statistical study of about 60,000 of such absorption systems, revealing a rich variety of processes and properties that are now detected or confirmed for the first time. Our results demonstrate that radiation pressure is a key ingredient in driving the outflows, and that they consist of a multiphase medium that covers more than one order of magnitude in temperature, together with other (preliminary) findings.


Published Sep. 25, 2018 2:40 PM - Last modified Sep. 25, 2018 2:40 PM