Cosmology Seminar: Filippo Oppizzi

Filippo Oppizzi is a PhD student at the University of Padova and is currently visiting ITA, Oslo.

The Cosmic Microwave Background Bispectrum

The Theory of Inflation is a cornerstone of modern Cosmology, as it both overcomes several important limits of the hot Big Bang scenario and provides a mechanism for the generation of primordial cosmological perturbations. Constraining the non-Gaussianity of the Cosmic Microwave Background is a very powerful tool to discriminate between different
Inflationary models. The CMB Bispectrum is the statistic most sensitive to the non-gaussian signal. To date, while still lacking a clear detection, Planck's data set put strict constraints on the bispectrum amplitude, but several models still remain to be tested. 

In this talk we review the major aspects of the estimation of primordial non-gaussianity, the main results from the current surveys and the prospects for the forthcoming experiments.


Frode, Ranajoy and Emil
Published Apr. 4, 2018 4:43 PM - Last modified Apr. 4, 2018 5:11 PM